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We are clinicians, data scientists, telecommunication engineers, health economists, educators, patients.

We are Castella Medical.

on a mission
Enriching performance with real-time AI decision support.
For healthcare professionals landing

With healthcare professionals in mind

Using the latest developments in deep learning and computer vision to assist clinical & surgical decision making in real time.

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Committed to the quadruple aim*

*Bodenheimer, T. and C. Sinsky, From triple to quadruple aim: care of the patient requires care of the provider. Annals of family medicine, 2014. 12(6): p. 573-576.

Patient experience

Improving clinical outcomes and quality of life


Reducing costs

Greater precision and fewer adverse events that translate to more efficient resource use


Population health

Targeting conditions with an important epidemiological footprint


User experience

Designing an AI-powered user interface for surgeons, by surgeons.


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